I don’t know how much activity my doctor wants me to do. Can I play Lost Tides?

IMPORTANT: Lost Tides includes a daily mobility goal. You should consult your doctor and/or physical therapist before playing Lost Tides to ensure that you play with the right mobility goal for you.

The SHIP MEDIC will check in automatically at the beginning of your voyage and at the start of each new chapter to set your mobility goal for the next chapter. You may also summon the SHIP MEDIC at any time by clicking on the MEDIC ICON in the GAMEBOARD MENU.

The default options are:

Minimal activity (<1500 steps): Goal just get up every 30-45 minutes
Very light activity (1500 to 4000): above plus short walks
Light activity (4000 to 6500): above plus slightly longer walks
Minimal limitation (>6500): above plus walks that last longer than 20 to 30 minutes

If you have not been given an activity prescription by your doctor or physical therapist that aligns with one of these options, simply select “I haven’t talked to my doctor yet” and Lost Tides will auto-generate steps for you to spend in the game throughout the day. Once you talk to your medical provider and are cleared for activity, summon the SHIP MEDIC to select your mobility goal and your real-world steps will be used instead of auto-generated steps.