What are the basics of gameplay?

Lost Tides is a seafaring adventure game designed to help people who are out of work due to injury recover faster and more effectively by being more mobile and adhering to their doctor and/or physical therapist’s at-home treatment plan.

The patient takes the helm as the captain of the ship, and he or she can invite up to 4 friends and family to join as the ship’s crew.

It is up to the captain to make ship decisions and take action at encounters, but he or she will need the support of the crew in order to do so. All of the captain’s actions require CREW POINTS, which are generated by the crew (either via real-world steps for player-controlled crew, or auto-generated for computer-controlled crew).

The captain will also have daily check-ins with the ship’s medic, who is there to help the captain stay consistent with his or her at-home treatment and ensure that mobility goals are set correctly.