What are the basics of gameplay?

1) Your steps move you and your team across the game board.

In A Step Ahead: Champions, you travel the globe, competing against each continent’s regional Champions. Your real-world steps move you and your team across the game board, and your team is awarded points based upon its step average.

2) There is a Special Skill in each region that you can do to earn bonus steps.

Each region’s Champions have a Special Skill which makes them fast and fierce. If you match any region’s Champion Skill (which is displayed both on the game board and in the Dossier), you can earn up to 3,000 bonus steps daily, giving you and your team a huge leg up on the competition.

These will include activities such as hydration, healthy diet, UtiliFIT and exercise. Pay attention to the game board, as doing the right activity in the right region is critical.

3) Each week is a race to a new finish line.

Teams can earn big point bonuses for reaching any given finish line ahead of a region’s Champions.

1st Place = 5,000 points*

2nd Place = 3,500 points*

3rd Place = 2,000 points*

4th+ Place = 1,000 points*

Because the winner is the team with the most total points at the end of the challenge, even teams who seem far behind remain in contention throughout the entire challenge.

*You must reach the finish line ahead of the Champions in order to earn the Finish Line Bonus.