I received a “Manual Step Cap Reached” message… what does this mean?

Many step tracking apps allow users to manually input their estimated step count. In The Outbreak, steps are synced into two categories:

1) Steps that are synced directly from the step tracking device.
Steps that are synced directly from the step tracking device are considered “verified.”*

2) Steps that are manually entered by the user.
In order to mitigate the effects of players who accidentally (or purposefully) enter more steps than they have actually taken, The Outbreak has a daily limit to the number of manually-entered steps that will sync into the game.*

If you received a message in The Outbreak app that says, “Manual Step Cap Reached,” then you have exceeded the daily limit for manually-entered steps. If you believe you received this message in error, please contact our support team at support@fix-fit.com.

*Please note that some challenges have daily caps on the number of total steps that can be synced in a 24-hour period (verified or unverified).