I get an error message when the app is downloading the asset bundles

When you start THE OUTBREAK for the first time (opening it from your smartphone’s Home screen), it downloads the latest game art assets. For most users on modern wifi or LTE cellular networks, this only takes a few seconds, however we’ve identified an issue where users on particularly slow cellular or wifi networks may take too long to finish downloading the assets, making the servers think they’ve been disconnected.

The good news is, the game saves the progress of the download, so simply tapping “Try Again” resumes the download from where it left off. In our testing, on very slow networks it could take several presses of the “Try Again” button until the asset bundles downloaded completely. We will be making tweaks to the download process to address this issue in a future build, but in the meantime, the workaround is to just keep trying, or try again later on a faster network.