How is the game scored?

Scoring is based on VICTORY POINTS and is awarded at the TEAM level. Individuals cannot earn Victory Points. Teams can earn Victory Points in the following ways:

1 VP: Reach a Safehouse
3 VP: Bonus for reaching the Safehouse first
2 VP: Bonus for reaching the Safehouse second
1 VP: Bonus for reaching the Safehouse third
1 VP: Finish a chapter without losing any members to the zombie horde
1 VP: Defeat an Obstacle
1 VP: Meet your team’s daily step goal

The team with the most VICTORY POINTS (VP) at the end of the challenge wins.


Survival Mode is a flavor of THE OUTBREAK with no obstacles. If your group is playing THE OUTBREAK in Survival Mode, note that because there are no obstacles, there are also no VP for defeating obstacles like there are in the standard game mode.