How do I navigate the leaderboard?

By default, the leaderboard displays a team view that includes an ordered list of teams (by place) along with their safehouse finishes, steps, and Victory Points (the points that determine the challenge winner).

Select the Timeframe to View
The leaderboard allows you to view your team’s progress for three timeframes:

THIS MISSION displays the overall challenge standings.
THIS CHAPTER displays the standings for the current chapter.
TODAY displays the standings for the current day.

Simply tap the time period you’d like to view to display the time period.

View a Team
To view a specific team, tap anywhere on the team’s row display a popout section with the team’s players. In the team section, you may tap on the LOCATE button to jump to that team on the gameboard.

Once the team detail section is open, you can swipe up and down on the team list and select other teams to view details without closing the section.