What are encounters?

As you progress in your journey, you’ll come across all manners of characters, story, opportunities and obstacles at ENCOUNTERS.

Taking action at encounters requires CREW POINTS, which are generated by your Crew. Your Crew can be made up of computer controlled characters, or other players that you invite, or a combination of both.

Similarly to how you move the ship by converting your real-world STEPS into WIND, your Crew converts their real-world STEPS into CREW POINTS. If you are playing with computer controlled Crew Members, their CREW POINTS will generate automatically for you to spend.

Each ENCOUNTER has two possible paths for you to choose from: a EASY PATH (lower risk, lower reward), and a HARD PATH (higher risk, higher reward). The EASY PATH is displayed on the left and features a single saber icon, and the HARD PATH is displayed on the right with a double saber icon.

At each path, you may choose to spend extra CREW POINTS to increase your chance of success for the given action. On the flip side, you may opt to spend less CREW POINTS to lower your chance of success if you’re feeling lucky and want to conserve your resources.

Successful ENCOUNTERS come with rewards like GOLD and TREASURES. Unsuccessful ENCOUNTERS may result in damage to your ship.