How do my steps impact my team?

Your individual steps impact your team in a number of ways, from movement to scoring. A Step Ahead is designed to be a team-based experience, and as such, it’s important to remember that it’s in your team’s best interest for all teammates to participate and contribute.

Team Movement

Your team’s movement across the game board is determined by the average of your team’s steps. As an individual, your steps are averaged in with your teammates’ steps, so encouraging your teammates to perform is as important as your own performance.

Team Scoring: Steps

Like movement, your the points your team earns for steps are awarded based upon the average of your team’s steps.

Team Scoring: Safehouse Bonus

A point bonus is awarded to the team that reaches any given chapter safehouse first. Again, because your team’s movement is based upon the average of the your team members’ steps, your steps contribute toward your team being able to claim any chapter’s safehouse bonus.