How do I track diet, lifestyle and exercise activities?

Track diet, and lifestyle items to recover your character’s health. Track exercise to increase your team’s clash strength and kill zombies (as a human player).

To track diet, lifestyle and exercise activities:

1) Click on the CELL PHONE (SORI) icon on the A Step Ahead game board.

2) Click on TRACK ACTIVITIES in the menu.


4) Click on the CATEGORY of the item you’d like to track to view an activity list.

5) Click on any individual ITEM in the category list.

6) If the item is time-based, use the LEFT/RIGHT arrows to adjust the time, and click the CHECK to queue the item up.

Items that have been queued up will have a green check next to them. You can queue up multiple items before confirming.

7) Click on the CONFIRM (X) ITEMS button to confirm all queued items.

Once you’ve confirmed your item(s), you’ll see a confirmation.