What is Fame and how do I accrue it?

The more success an Athlete has, the more famous they become. Success comes from a good health foundation. Tracking exercise, diet, and lifestyle makes the foundation of success.

Players fill up their 5 Fame stars each week through a mixture of healthy activities that includes steps, diet, lifestyle, and exercise/UtiliFIT. The stars fill up individually, with one star, each, for Steps, Diet, and Lifestyle, and two stars for Exercise/UtiliFIT. Players can fill up their stars by logging activities in the matching categories in their Activity Journal, with UtiliFIT deskercise mini-games also helping to fill up the Exercise/UtiliFIT stars.

Note that Fame resets in each new stage, and you can only fill up a portion of each Fame star each day (i.e. daily consistency is key, not just entering a bunch of activity all at once).

The Fame Bonus is awarded weekly at the team level, using the average of the entire team’s Fame for the current region, which ranges from 0-5. The bonus points available are:

5 Stars = 10,000 points

4 Stars = 8,000 points

3 Stars = 6,000 points

2 Stars = 4,000 points

1 Star = 2,000 points

Less than 1 Star = No Bonus Points :(

You can view your team’s Fame bonus in each region on the Leaderboard: