What are the filters on the leaderboard and how do I use them?


The leaderboard allows you to filter both who you’re looking at, and the time frame you’d like to see. Because points are accrued on a team basis, certain stats are only shown on the team views.

The WHO filter:

Teams: a list of all of the teams in your challenge.
My Team: a list of the individuals on your team.
Everyone: a list of all of the individuals in the entire challenge.
The Champions: The computer-controlled Santa & Entourage from each stage.
Specific Teams: a list of all the individuals on a specific team.

The TIME FRAME filter:

Today: the current day.
This Stage: all days in since the start of the current stage.
This Challenge: all days since the start of the challenge.
Stage: all days in a specific stage (future stages are grayed out).
Date: a specific day during your challenge.