How do I play UtiliFIT?

UtiliFIT Deskercise mini-games send you small physical challenges to complete every hour to keep you from being sedentary throughout your day. In A Step Ahead: Holiday Hustle, they count toward your exercise, which increases your Fame, which in-turn helps your team earn weekly bonus points. In a stage where Santa’s Special Skill is UtiliFIT, you can also get up to 3,000 bonus steps per day (in that stage) by playing UtiliFIT.

To play UtiliFIT:

1) Click on the CELL PHONE (SORI) icon on the A Step Ahead game board.

2) Click on START A GAME in the menu.

3) Select a category to view games of various types, or click on the Game of the Day.

Check out each game’s description and stats on the Game Details screen. When you find one you like, click START GAME.

4) Use the +/- buttons to adjust the start time of your game and click GO when you’re ready. Games default to start on demand (NOW).

5) Challenges will arrive at the interval described on the Game Details page. Follow the activity description and photo illustrations to complete the activities. When you complete an activity, click on the green I DID IT button.