What is UtiliFIT?

Research has shown that getting up at regular intervals throughout the day plays a key role in the prevention of lifestyle diseases like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. UtiliFIT is a desk activity mini-game that delivers small physical challenges throughout the day to get you up and active at medically-recommended intervals to break up long sedentary periods.

You choose the types of activities you do, which can be completed in a minute or so each hour. They’re typically not enough to make you sweaty, but they provide just enough stimulation to get your heart rate elevated, your blood flowing, some activation of key muscle groups, and some flexion in your major joints.

UtiliFIT is designed to start very easy, and intelligently scales up the reps and activity complexity as you get better in any given activity category. For example, Level 1 Squats involve simply standing up from your chair, whereas Level 2 Squats ask you to remove the chair. You have complete control over the types of activities you receive by choosing your Fitness Program.

UtiliFIT features several Fitness Programs centered around various themes:

Office Fitness
Office Fitness features only office-friendly activities that are designed to be done at a desk in work attire. Mini-games in this Fitness Program should only take a minute or two and won’t get you sweaty.

Woo-Sah! focuses on Yoga and relaxation. Activities in this Fitness Program are designed to help you stay centered throughout your day and include flexibility and breathing-focused activities.

Walk it Off
Walk it Off is designed to help you build up to walk/run a 5K. Activities are more walking/jogging and cardio focused, though designed to start at a true beginner level.

Beach Ready
Beach Ready includes strength-based activities that are designed to supplement your workouts. It is our most intense Fitness Program and may include activities that you wouldn’t want to do in formal work attire (but maybe you would, who are we to say?).