What are the Champions’ Special Skills and how do they affect gameplay?

In each region, the Champions have a Special Skill that, if you match it, awards you a step bonus. Because the Champions move quite quickly, the Special Skill step bonus can be very helpful (or critical) for many players to keep pace and/or move faster than the Champions.

The Special Skill is different for each group of Champions that you face, so pay special attention to what the Special Skill is for the region you’re in. Special Skills generally include specific items or categories to track in your Activity Journal (like Diet, Hydration or Exercise), and/or playing UtiliFIT.

You can tell what the current Special Skill is on the Game Board, on the Dossier, and in your daily/weekly email updates, if you have emails enabled.

The step bonus awarded for matching the Special Skill applies daily, so consistency is greatly rewarded.