How do teams score points?

Scoring in A Step Ahead: Champions is team-based, so while individual contributions are important, points are awarded at the team level, meaning that having a coordinated effort will result in the best scoring. Teams score points in three ways:


Just like team movement is calculated based upon the average of the team’s steps, so too are points. Teams receive 1 point for each team-average step they get.

Fame Bonus

Players fill up their 5 Fame stars each week through a mixture of healthy activities that includes steps, diet, lifestyle, and exercise/UtiliFIT. The stars fill up individually, with one star, each, for Steps, Diet, and Lifestyle, and two stars for Exercise/UtiliFIT. Players can fill up their stars by logging activities in the matching categories in their Activity Journal, with UtiliFIT deskercise mini-games also helping to fill up the Exercise/UtiliFIT stars.

The Fame Bonus is awarded weekly at the team level, using the average of the entire team’s Fame for the current region, which ranges from 0-5. The bonus points available are:

5 Stars = 10,000 points

4 Stars = 8,000 points

3 Stars = 6,000 points

2 Stars = 4,000 points

1 Star = 2,000 points

Less than 1 Star = No Bonus Points :(

Finish Line Bonus

Teams can earn big point bonuses for reaching any given finish line ahead of a region’s Champions.

1st Place = 5,000 points*

2nd Place = 3,500 points*

3rd Place = 2,000 points*

4th+ Place = 1,000 points*

*You must reach the finish line ahead of the Champions in order to earn the Finish Line Bonus.