What is my Weekly Progress and how do I fill up all 5 stars?

Your UtiliFIT Progress Stars are based upon 4 pillars of healthy living:



Hourly Activity


Progress Stars reset at the beginning of each week, giving you a good snapshot of how healthy of a lifestyle you’re leading.

How to get the maximum 5 stars

To get the maximum 5 Progress stars you’ll need to make healthy choices across all 4 pillars of healthy living throughout the week. Note that you cannot fill up all of the stars in one day.

  1. Exercise: Meet or exceed the U.S. Department of Health’s minimum recommended 150 minutes moderate intensity exercise per week. Record this in UtiliFIT by using the UtiliFIT Tracker. Your steps will contribute to this category.
  2. Diet: Make healthy diet decisions and record them in the UtiliFIT Tracker.
  3. Hourly Activity: Avoid long stretches of inactivity by playing UtiliFIT Deskercise mini-games to complete hourly micro-physical challenges throughout the day.
  4. Sleep and Lifestyle: Get adequate sleep and take part in healthy lifestyle behaviors. Record these in the UtiliFIT Tracker.