What are the basics of gameplay?

1) Your steps move you and your team across the game board.

In A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion you play as either a human team running from the alien invaders, or as a mind-controlled alien drone chasing the human players to try to convert them to drones too. Your real-world steps move you and your team across the game board, regardless of whether you are playing as a human or as a drone.

2) Humans can be converted into mind-controlled alien drones.

If you are a human and the aliens catch your team, you can be turned into a drone and your steps will then count toward making the alien invaders faster. If you turn into a drone, your new goal is to chase down and turn all of the remaining humans in the challenge into drones too.

3) Each week is a race to a new safehouse.

There is a big point bonus for being the first team to reach any given safehouse. Once inside, human teams are safe from the alien invaders, so both humans and drones have good reason to want to reach each safehouse first!

4) Tracking diet and exercise are optional, but help you succeed/win.

The only thing you must do to participate is record your steps each day of the challenge, however you will increase your odds of success by tracking diet and exercise, which affect your character’s health and strength, respectively.