I just synced my pedometer, where are my steps?

Your steps have quite a journey to go on to get from your activity tracker to the UtiliFIT servers! This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.

As a rule of thumb, always be sure to sync your device to your device’s phone app before the nightly A Step Ahead cutoff to ensure your steps are imported for the day. If you get steps between your last sync of the day and the daily cutoff, don’t worry. A Step Ahead runs a differential calculation the next day that will automatically add any steps that weren’t synced the previous day to the current day.

How your steps get from your device to UtiliFIT
Things that impact the amount of time it takes for your steps to go from your device to the UtiliFIT servers:

  • The type of device you have and the frequency at which it syncs to your device’s phone app
  • Your phone’s connection to the internet
  • The frequency with which your device’s phone app syncs your steps to the device manufacturer’s servers
  • The speed at which your device manufacturer’s servers make your data available for export via API
  • The speed at which your device manufacturer’s servers ping UtiliFIT to queue an update
  • The update queue for UtiliFIT users to sync devices from your manufacturer
  • Just to name a few…