How do human vs. alien clashes work?

A human vs. alien clash outcome is determined by comparing the clash strength of the human team and the alien invaders. Whichever group has the greater clash strength will win the clash. If you look at the A Step Ahead: Alien Invasion game board, simply compare the human team’s clash strength meter to the alien invaders’ clash strength meter to see who will win in a clash.

If a human team wins a clash against the aliens…

If a human team wins a clash against the alien invaders, they’ll push the aliens backward, making staying ahead of the invaders easier the next day. Note that human characters still take health damage even if the human team wins the clash. The amount of health damage is shown on the game board by the invaders’ ferocity rating, which has one alien head for each health heart human characters have.

If the aliens win a clash…

If the aliens win a clash, the’ll surge forward and any human team(s) who lost have to go through them in order to escape the next day. As noted above, human characters in contact with the aliens will take health damage based upon the aliens’ ferocity rating.

Becoming sick and turning into a drone

If a human character’s health is reduced to zero as a result of a clash, he/she will become sick with the alien mind control. If a player becomes sick, he/she will have one day to track healthy diet and/or lifestyle items to recover some lost health or he/she will turn into a drone the following day. Note that if the invaders’ ferocity is at its maximum, human players may need to recover health AND escape the horde the following day in order to avoid being turned.